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Meet theBalow Band Olinger Group

We believe the key to any good real estate transaction is conversation and a commitment to meeting your goals. Behind every real estate transaction is a story - a family moving to a new community, a couple downsizing, a first home purchase. Before we start the work of buying and selling, we take the time to get to know Your Story. Before we open any door, we take the time to open a dialogue.

Our focus is you. Our attention to detail is unmatched. Our reputation proves it.

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What we do

At Greystone Realty, you can expect our focus to be on meeting your goals, protecting your interests and preserving your investments. Any agent can unlock a door. At Greystone Realty, we take the time to make sure they are the right ones.

Meeting your goals: The first step to achieving is goal setting. At Greystone Realty, we understand your priorities by asking you the questions about your needs and really listen to the answers. Because for us, real estate isn’t just about the transaction, it’s about watching our clients’ vision become a reality.

Protecting your interest: Ethics and standard are what Greystone Realty is about. Our boutique agency is sized to handle each transaction independently, individually and with great attention - so no detail is overlooked, no transaction unscrutinized.

Preserving your investment: Working with our boutique firm means we have the ability to offer instant communication, quick and cutting edge customization to market your home and offer immediate responses to meet your real estate needs. We have the institutional knowledge and market research to access the best value for your buy and attain the best price for your sale.